Sell us Your Items

Do you hate selling stuff, lack the time to do it and wish someone would do it for you?! We can help!

There’s no denying that selling your outgrown kids clothes can be a hassle, hard work and very time consuming. 

We would love to buy your items from you, in an easy hassle-free way! It couldn’t be easier, you don’t need to sort them or take photos (although they do need to be freshly washed) – just stick them all in a bag or box, and send them to us. You can include different sizes, genders, brands and seasons within the same parcel.

If you’re local to LA14 please contact us via our Facebook page ‘Buildabundle – New and Preloved Childrenswear’ to arrange dropping your items off to us at our premises at Unit 5 Shore St, Barrow-in-Furness. PLEASE NOTE WE CURRENTLY ONLY REPLY TO MESSAGES ABOUT SELLING TO US THROUGH FACEBOOK, ON FRIDAY MORNINGS – we do not deal with selling enquiries at any other time, so please message us as early as possible via Facebook on a Friday morning to book your items in. We have space to buy roughly 500 items per week and slots do fill quickly every week, so these are offered on a first-come first-served basis each Friday morning.

If you aren’t local to us, we are still happy to buy items, however please note we don’t usually pay postage. (The reason for this is that we tend to have a fairly good supply of clothes in our local area, so while we’re more than happy to buy from outside of our area, we don’t cover the postage for this, as we can usually find plenty of stock locally). Therefore you would have to be happy to post your items to us and cover the postage yourself. W e would recommend a courier like DPD or Hermes at a postage cost of around £7 via courier. Most customers find it is best to wait until they have a large bundle of about 100+ items to make it worth paying the postage – it’s probably not going to be worth you sending us 30 items by post, as the postage will be nearly as much as your payment (Please bear in mind that not all items may be accepted, so please ensure you are sending enough good condition items to make it worth you paying the postage!)


Ages newborn-6 months – we pay £7.50 per 30 SELLABLE items for mixed bundles of all brands.

Ages 6 months to 14 years – We pay £15 per 30 SELLABLE items for mixed bundles of all brands ????

Brand new with tags kids items – generally £1 per item 

Maternity – we pay £1-2 per item depending on what the item is, generally £1 for tops, £1.50 for jeans and dresses, more for tagged items).

We always say to our customers that they would get more selling their own items themselves – but this is designed to be an easy quick way to get rid of big outgrown bundles in one go, without any of the hard work or hassle!


✅ Both new and used Kids clothes from newborn to age 14 including coats, pyjamas, tops, trousers, skirts, jumpers, cardigans, jeans, hoodies, dresses, summer and winter hats, dungarees, swimming costumes, baby swimming wraps/flotation aids, dressing gowns. You can mix brands, ages/sizes, genders and kids/maternity in the same bag.
✅ Halloween, Christmas, Children in Need, World Book Day and other fancy dress costumes

✅  Rainbow. Brownies, Cubs and Scouts uniforms (as long as they’re plain and not personalised with any child’s or groups names)

✅  Sportswear accessories such as football shin pads, sports thermal base layers, football boots (these must be clean and not muddy!), tap dancing shoes
✅ Baby sleeping bags and baby/toddler sheets and bedding
✅ Women’s maternity clothes and maternity swimming costumes (they must be from proper maternity ranges, not just larger sizes of normal clothes!)
✅ Kids underwear and socks if they’re brand new in pack/brand new with tags ONLY). used baby vests and girls tights are fine if in good condition but don’t count as single items, we count 4 vests as 1 item.

✅ Brand new kids shoes
✅ Plain grey, black or navy NON-LOGO school skirts, trousers, shorts and pinafores, as well as gingham/checked school summer dresses (NO other schoolwear items)

WE DON’T accept –

???? Used shoes
???? Used kids underwear (although used good condition vests are fine, see above)
☺️ Any adults clothes (except specific maternity clothes)
☺️ Any other kids items such as toys or baby equipment
???? Fake/replica designer items, Holiday-souvenir type t-shirts with names of holiday resorts on or Any personalised items or items with logos for specific schools, local dance schools or sports clubs etc

☺️ Items must be in great condition and suitable to be resold – so Please NO stained, ripped, torn, holey, faded or bobbly items! No items with cracked logos, or items which were once white and have gone grey! Any items with these issues will be rejected and not paid for.  Please also no items which are outdated in style, or that have been originally bought over 8 years ago – items which are outdated in style such as wide-legged or flared trousers for younger children will be rejected and not paid for, along with items from long-defunct shops like Adams Childrenswear.


We can only pay for what we can sell, so anything that doesn’t meet our terms and conditions above we are unable to pay for. Anything not meeting our t&c’s will be deducted from your payment total – so If you send us 30 items over 6 months and they all meet our t&c’s then we will pay £15, but if only 20 meet our t&c’s but the other 10 do not, then we will pay £10.

We ask our customers to please freshly wash items before sending to us please 🙂 this is particularly important if items have been in storage or in a loft.

If items are covered in animal hair, or smell musty/not freshly washed then we will use our discretion as to whether we reject the entire bundle outright, or in some cases we may accept it but we will deduct a £5 laundry cost from your total payment.

We ONLY accept items from smoke-free homes. If any items smell of cigarette smoke then your entire bundle will be rejected outright and will not be paid for.

Please ensure you accept these T&C’s before sending items to us, as we are not responsible for returning items to you which do not meet our T&C’s.


Once we receive your items please allow 10 working days for us to process them (often it is quicker than this). We will contact you via either facebook message or email to let you know your total payment, and request your bank details in order to pay this to you.


As stated above, we can only pay for items we can sell – most bundles we receive do have the odd few rejected items (we know our parents are busy, and we don’t expect everything to be perfect!).

We will ask you at the time of booking your items whether you want any rejected items back or not.

 If you do not want them back then we can recycle them in our Ebay playwear bundles, which we sell to parents as clothes for doing messy stuff in! We sell these very cheaply for prices which just cover our processing costs, but they’re a great eco-friendly way to recycle items and ensure they don’t end up in landfill!

If you do want your rejected items back and you’re local to us then we will hold any rejected items for 7 days, and you can collect these back from us during this time. Anything left uncollected within 7 days of us messaging you will go into our playwear bundles, we aren’t able to hold items for more than 7 days.

If you are a postage customer then we can post rejected items back to you, but we will need to deduct the postage costs from your total payment, at £3.10 for parcels under 2kg or £7-10 for parcels over 2kg depending on weight. We will ask if you want us to do this when messaging you your payment total.


PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH OUR T&C’S ABOVE BEFORE SENDING ANY ITEMS TO US! By sending your items to us you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on this page in full, and our discretion on what we will and won’t accept is final.

 We hope we can provide an easy hassle-free service to get rid of your outgrown items, make some cash back and know that you’re helping the environment at the same time!